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Height: 6'

Measurements: 37 - 30 - 40

Inseam: 33"

Shoe: 9.5

While never expected, gifts are a sweet surprise!

Lately, I've been especially enjoying berries & tropical fruit, rose-gold jewelry, and vintage silky things.

Gift cards may be sent to

For other ideas, you're welcome to peruse my online wishlists:

I also love snail mail!

If you would like to mail a letter, postcard, or gift, email me for my secure mailing address.

I'm a sensuous Taurus who appreciates both luxurious and simple pleasures.

Bathhouses and Hot Springs

Simple Gestures

  • Water- sparkling or spring.

  • Massage appointments.

  • Lush potted plants- calatheas, air plants, philodendrons... add to my jungle bedroom.

  • Smokey mezcal or scotch.

  • Books- see my book list, or bring your favorite.

  • Chocolates and exceptional patisseries.

San Francisco Bay Area

& Northern California

COVID & MPV Vaccinated

Far away? Fly Me To You!

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