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We yearn—it’s human nature—an ache that follows us around, a specter of untended dreams and desires.

Too often our yearning stays bottled up, locked away. We find ourselves constantly limited in pursuing our passions and fantasies by the constraints and obstacles of daily life. We spend so much time making ourselves more acceptable for unattainable standards.

Why can it be so hard to ask for what we want?

In a world that demands our constant productivity and attention to livelihood, we forget to live. Our intimate bodies become hungry. Our kinks and cravings go neglected. We walk around starving, simply surviving, denying ourselves opportunities to pursue what we fantasize and daydream of.

I ask of you,
What is more important than relinquishing your shame?
What is more essential —during these uncertain, extraordinary times— than to liberate yourself?

If we are not liberating our most intimate selves, how will we find freedom in the rest of our lives?

To be in this human body is to yearn. I offer a chance to celebrate these appetites, the perfection and profane. I cultivate a place where desire and tenderness find freedom to exist and grow.

To ask for what you want—it’s tantalizing, intoxicating, liberating.


I have worked with my own yearning, and used my restless curiosity to discover deep wells of desire, pleasure, and power in me. Now, I practice guiding others through their fantasies. I have 3+ years of professional BDSM experience, and 6+ years of professional massage experience.


In my practice, I create a respite from the conformity and rigidity of the mundane world. Time spent in my presence is a precious oasis of play and heightened experience. More extensive explorations with me into worlds of fantasy and kink are unforgettable adventures that you won’t soon forget.

My curiosity is insatiable; I’m an academic and have studied the human body, psyche, and social structures extensively. I have traveled all over the world, and continue to explore nationally and internationally.


At precisely 6 feet tall, I walk into every room with an athletic grace and confidence that is hard to resist.

I am an Alchemist— transmuting, transforming, turning shit into gold.


I am a Trickster— a holder of knowledge, crossing boundaries into realms of magic and fantasy.

I am a Sensualist, a Sadist, a Siren.

I am a Lioness, Goddex, creature of light and magic.

Why walk the mundane path when we could adventure, and pursue the delicious, the strange, the devious?

I’m asking for what I want.

Do you have the courage to do the same?




My desires range from the sensuous to the sadistic.


I love imaginative role play and deep mind fucks that transport us into other worlds. Under my artistry and skill, fantasies are brought to life in rich detail.


So much more than a massage. An exquisite combination of grounded touch and teasing sensation play that will drive you mad.
Experience the artistry of my touch. Your body is my canvas.


Power exchange is intoxicating to me. Will you satisfy my sadism as you take the intensity of my skilled punishments? Or be patiently trained into my perfect plaything?


Latex, leather, velvet, mesh. Splosh, balloons, tentacles, clowns. Bring me a favorite fetish, or a new one to add to my collection.

The tribute for our time together:


While not required, monetary gifts outside of tribute are appreciated and go towards saving for graduate school and my other financial future goals.

If you wish to come to session with a token of appreciation, I enjoy beautiful potted plants, gluten-free bakery treats, graphic novels and comic books, dry sake or bubbly, smokey mezcals and scotch (Lagavulin 16 is my One True Love).

You may also bring to session or send to my email a gift card for Bordelle Lingerie or Whole Foods.

Peruse my Lust List to order the toys, books, lingerie, and other fun things this sensuous Taurus is currently lusting after.


Are you ready to connect?

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Note: In light of the current health crisis, I am now taking virtual and 6ft distance sessions only. Our mutual safety is my top priority.

Pain Tolerance

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