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"You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves."   
- Mary Oliver

Hi there, I'm Stasia.

Let's dive in.

At a glance...

6' tall


Ash & Blonde

& I do have more fun. 

Green Eyes

with flecks of gold.


Toned Curves

37 - 29 - 39

Taurean Dream

30 with a May birthday.

Touches of Gold

jewelry in ears & nose. No tattoos.

Listens to

R&B, trip hop, blues, alt-rock, doom & black metal, underground bass... the list goes on.


poetry, magical realism, sci-fi, ghost stories, comics.

See my want to read list for more.

Insubordinate Academic

BA degrees in Geography, Anthropology,

Dance Studies.


Arrangements: calla lilies, sunflowers, peonies.

Potted: philodendron, dracaena, calathea...


Cuisine: Japanese, French, Mediterranean, Thai...
Drinks: mezcal, scotch, unique cocktails.


picnics, museums, live music & theatre, dance, botanical gardens, shopping, sailing... surprise me!

:: earthly delight seeks epicurean explorer ::

At first sight, I might seem statuesque -almost overwhelming- but I've been told that my immediate warmth and playful personality puts even the shyest new friend at ease.

My sharp wit and insatiable curiosity are not for the faint of heart, but are always accompanied by the coy curve of a smile and my warm laugh. We might share an incisive discussion over drinks, tease each other across a dinner table, or simply cozy up together for an afternoon of escape.


Venusian curves are meant to be adored— perfect teacup breasts and a slender waist accentuate luscious hips that are barely contained in whatever silky or lacy thing I’m wearing.

At a striking six feet tall, I have an unmistakable dancer's physique; my long legs and lush curves have been toned by years of ballet and modern dance training. I walk into every room with an athletic confidence that is intoxicating.

As a professional dancer and bodyworker, I have a nuanced understanding of the somatic self.

Slow and sensual at times, intense and uninhibited at others... my touch is confident and intuitive,

which makes our seduction all the more exquisite.


We come from different worlds, but that may be what excites me most---

the act of reaching out and connecting, co-creating

a chance for us to explore and delight in the surprises of discovering each other.

This Eros magic captures my imagination and ignites a fire in me like no other.

my skin grows flushed, eyes spark
something primal stirs

and we melt into each other--


the lush, carnal communion of a fundamental creative impulse

that drives us into each others arms.

Let me be clear— I am not just another muse,

I am your artist

the painter of pleasure on our bodies, an unrepentant challenger of self-doubt, your conspirator in something akin to magic. 

Darling, perhaps it's time to invest in more than the status quo... for how will we succeed if we are stagnant, uninspired, or locked away by our own harsh expectations?

You have all the keys, it’s up to you to unlock and step through this portal.



Now booking in the Bay Area & New York


I enjoy meeting new clients of all backgrounds, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, or religion.



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