"You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves."   
- Mary Oliver

It's true, I know what I want.


Do you?

At a striking six feet tall, I take your breath away when I walk into the room with a dancer's grace and confidence

that is intoxicating.


A breath of fresh air, something new, something exciting... my bright green eyes, warm blonde hair,

and subtle gold jewlery bring color to the space,

color to your life.


At first glance, I might seem statuesque -almost overwhelming- but I've been told that my immediate warmth and playful personality puts even the shyest new friend at ease.


My sharp wit and insatiable curiosity are not for the faint of heart, but are always accompanied by a flirtatious smile and warm laugh. We might share an incisive discussion over drinks, tease each other across a dinner table, or simply cozy up together for an afternoon of escape.

Warm and sensual at times, intense and passionate at others-- I’m not afraid to take delight in our time together.

As a trained dancer and bodyworker, I have a nuanced understanding of the human body-- my touch is confident and intuitive, which makes our seduction all the more exquisite.

Frame 1.png

To be in this human body is to yearn. I offer a chance to celebrate these appetites-- the perfection and profane. I cultivate a place where desire can find it's freedom to exist and grow.

So come, be transported by the magic that flows through my fingertips,

the wildness that courses through my veins.

The Dirty Details

6' tall


Warm Blonde

& I do have more fun. 

Green Eyes



Toned Curves

37 - 32 - 43

Taurean Dream

late 20's with a May birthday.

Touches of Gold

in ears & nose. No tattoos.

Listens to

doom metal, R&B, trip hop, alt-rock, underground bass, psychedelic folk.... the list goes on.


poetry, magical realism, sci-fi, ghost stories, comics.

See my want to read list for more.

Insubordinate Academic

BA degrees in Geography, Anthropology,

Dance Studies.


Arrangements: calla lilies, sunflowers, peonies.

Potted: philodendron, dracaena, calathea...


Cuisine: Japanese, French, California, Thai...
Drinks: dry bubbles, scotch, unique cocktails.


picnics, museums, live music & theatre, dance, botanical gardens, sailing... or surprise me!


Now booking in San Francisco and Northern California.

Want to play, but far away? Fly me to you!

San Francisco Bay Area

...or Fly Me to You!

Triple vaccinated.